4 – 6 years old

New York Empire Baseball teaches more than just science-based baseball mechanics – we teach age and sport specific strength and conditioning to every player along with teaching a mental approach that stresses overcoming any fear of failure or performance anxiety. We want our young players to do their best – and learn from their success and failure.

Players aged 4-6 learn critical skills on the baseball field – and are taught the same mechanics as our older players – in easier to understand methods. Players will learn how to:

  • Be ready. On every pitch.
  • Catch a baseball. With one hand. No, really.
  • Throw a baseball. Accurately and harder than you expect.
  • Hit a baseball. Also harder than you expect. Much harder.
  • Run the bases. Quickly, efficiently and effectively.
  • Field grounders and popups and make plays. It’s cool to watch.
  • Carry and take care of their own equipment. And maybe clean up their room, too.