Teams: Travel

     New York Empire Baseball’s 9U – 16U Travel Teams are based in Manhattan.
     Players train weekly on the field and are welcome every night indoors in live batting practice to hone their skills as often as they choose.
     Travel Baseball roster sizes are kept intentionally small to maximize playing time for each team’s players, so competition for a spot on any team is high.  Players are chosen solely on merit, not on seniority – and we look for skill, coachability and a cultural fit for the organization.  The core of New York Empire Baseball’s 16U travel team has been together for over 17 seasons, a testament to the culture and performance of the organization and the team.
     While typical Travel Team players at other organizations find themselves pigeonholed into 1 or 2 positions where their team supposedly “needs” them, New York Empire Baseball finds it crucial at this stage of development to have players learn virtually every position on the field.  This philosophy and practice yields more well-rounded and better prepared players, and ones who can become better teammates by understanding the needs of every position.  We don’t rotate players by the inning, but we do ensure that our players are prepared before moving on to High School, College and Professional Baseball.
     New York Empire Baseball’s philosophy has met with significant success, with a solid track record of preparation and performance, and a nearly perfect record over local travel programs including the Spartans, Titans, CP Stars and Bayside Yankees.  Since 2009, the Empire has notched a number of Championships is all age groups, beating other local teams including Brooklyn’s Bonnies, Bulldogs and Youth Service teams.
     The current Empire 16u has won the NY Travel Baseball Championship for four straight years and demonstrated its most dominant performance at the Triple Crown Columbus Day Tournament, winning that Championship by going 4-0 with a total score in the four games of 37-2.