Indoor Baseball Leagues

Play realistic Indoor Baseball at THE ARENA

  • “Outdoor” lighting, 27 foot “sky” & “real-feel” turf
  • Live pitching 

Games are powered by the HitTrax Baseball Simulator

  • In virtual MLB Stadiums
  • With the HitTrax Umpire calling balls & strikes, hits and outs!
  • Hitting launch angles and exit velocities are measured and stats are recorded!

In The Arena, New York Empire Baseball has partnered with HitTrax to bring you the most realistic indoor baseball experience to be found anywhere. The Arena offers a unique outdoor feel indoors – featuring a 27 foot high “northern-sky” and real-feel turf, in addition to live pitching – never machines – in all programs and games.

HitTrax accurately measures incoming pitches (and even calls balls & strikes) and batted launch angles and exit velocities to create a realistic indoor game experience – all in virtual MLB stadiums on screen!

Players can sign up individually or as a team (with 4-6 players) and will play a game each week for the entire season – in baseball or softball (slow or modified). Teams will compete in playoffs and Championships each season!  

For more information, please email or
call us at 212 706-9296.