Teams: Club League

     New York Empire Baseball’s Club League Teams are for players ages 4-11.
     Players are trained and coached by the New York Empire Baseball Coaching Staff so that they receive the same instructional experience as our Travel Ballplayers.  While competition at these levels is not as strong nor intense as our travel program, the Rookie, A, AA, and AAA programs maintain a healthy level of competition while focusing on building the skills needed to succeed on- and off-the-field.  Many players progress from this program to Travel Baseball, while others stay in the Club League Program.

Rookie, Single-A, and AA Baseball are coach pitched, while AAA Baseball has players pitching.  Coaches may pause the game to take advantage of teaching moments, particularly at the youngest levels.
     Each game during the season includes pre-game training and players are encouraged to attend New York Empire Baseball After School Programs to receive even more thorough instruction each week.