Programs by Type

After School Programs

     New York Empire After School Programs are fun and instructional programs for young players every day.  With programs on the Upper East and Upper West Side of Manhattan, players are grouped by age and skill to train and play every week on the field or in the gym.  Programs include our high quality instruction along with games each week to reinforce the skills taught each week.  After School training is a perfect weekday workout for weekend ballplayers throughout the City.

Developmental Teams

     New York Empire Baseball’s Developmental Program includes players of ages 4-5 (Rookies), 6-7 (Single-A) and 8-10 (AA).  Trained by the same coaches and instructors as our travel program, the Developmental Program gives players an opportunity to learn the game and compete in an appropriately skilled and challenging league of 6 or more of New York Empire Baseball’s own teams.

Travel Teams

     New York Empire Baseball’s Travel Program includes players of ages 8-16.  Competition for a spot on one of these teams is highly competitive and our teams play other teams from around New York and Long Island in comeptitive leagues and tournaments.  Players and teams are trained intensively throughout the year and have open batting practice available to them every weeknight throughout the Spring & Fall Seasons.  Our teams have been seen exceptional success in local leagues and regional and national tournaments in the last 8 years.  Our Travel Program is truly a baseball organization – with coaches training players uniformly in terms of content and approach to ensure a high quality experience anywhere in the organization.

Position Specific Training

     New York Empire Baseball training has been referred to as “the moneyball of baseball training, relying on physics and analysis, rather than convention and tradition.”  We have become nationally renowned for our pitching, hitting and fielding training.   Our PITCH (Pitching Instruction Training Conditioning and Health) program is certified byt he National pitching Association and has met with extraordinary success in terms of performance and arm health in young players.  Our proprietary HIT (Hitting Instruction and Training) program yields exceptional results in hitters of all sizes by focusing on momentum, rotation and sequencing and consistent shape in every swing.  Our defensive skills training is unique to each position, and relies on efficient body movements to maximize every player’s effectiveness at their position.


     New York Empire Baseball offers highly instructional and fun Baseball Camps throughout the year (on school holidays) and in the Summer, primarily in Central Park.  Campers range in age from 4-16 and are divided by skill and age group for instruction.  Our Camps in the Summer can also be found in the Hamptons, and at Camp Ramah, Brant Lake Camp and in Saltaire, Fire Island.  All of our Camps feature our high quality instruction and Campers can specialize in specific instruction to maximize their own personal experience and development.