Coaching Philosophy

    New York Empire Baseball’s approach to coaching is centered around motivation, leadership, science-based content, consistent instruction, and age appropriate teaching methods. New York Empire Baseball Coaches understand that their role is to prepare and motivate our players to win – and lose – and learn from every experience.  
     Our coaches don’t use the concept of “tough love” as an excuse to yell at a player. Our coaches are constantly teaching – and yelling is not one of their tools. Instead, our coaches are skilled communicators, strong leaders, and solid role models.
     Playing time at New York Empire Baseball – particularly in travel baseball – is earned through hardwork, hustle and performance.  We offer equality of opportunity to every player – but not equality of outcome. Players are encouraged to learn every position to maximize their understanding of the game, but players are not necessarily rotated to every position. Baseball is a difficult sport at every age – and is more enjoyable for skilled players – and our coaches do everything we can to increase the skill level of all of our players.