New York Empire Baseball FAQs

My child is experiencing elbow pain. What should I do?

Elbow, or any other pain, is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Medical attention should be sought from a specialist that understands the youth physique and sports injuries. A diagnosis of “little league elbow” and a prescription of rest before returning to the activity is an irresponsible course of action. Injuries are caused by accidents, mechanics or muscular imbalance/physiological issues.

Accidents are often impossible to avoid. Muscular imbalance and other physiological issues can be dealt with through targeted exercise and physical therapy. Pitching-specific imbalances often lead to injury – as young elbows and shoulders may be weak links in the throwing chain – and underdeveloped back muscles may contribute to injuries as they are responsible for deceleration of the arm.

Mechanical issues should be identified and addressed immediately, with one of the most common mistakes that can lead to injury being “throwing over the top” as opposed to throwing from a player’s unique and natural arm slot – and one which can be seen when the player’s head is straight while delivering the baseball.

How do I get my child involved with Empire?

Call us. Email us. Text us. Tell us all about your child’s interest in baseball and we’d be happy to find the right program for them here at New York Empire Baseball.

Where do New York Empire Baseball teams play their games?

Many of our programs are in Central Park and in fields around upper Manhattan. We do also play in the Bronx, Queens and in Brooklyn.

Who does New York Empire Baseball play against?

In our Spring & Fall leagues our travel teams play some of the leading teams from all over the boroughs of NYC and from Long Island and Westchester. During tournaments, we play teams from all over the country and some from Canada.

Our developmental teams play in leagues of our own – with as many of 8 teams in each division!

My son is very good. Can he play up with older boys?

We’re always looking for the right fit for every individual player’s development – so if “playing up” is the right fit, then that’s where he’ll be placed. If we find that it turns out to be a bad decision, then we can go ahead and make the switch to ensure a terrific experience.

Can my son be on a team with his friends?

Of course! While we can’t always accommodate every team request, and we do encourage players to make new friends on new teams, we do everything that we can to honor team requests.

Will individual attention be paid to my child?

Individual attention is at the heart of everything that we do. From the structure of our program to the number of coaches on the field and their focus, we do everything we can to provide as much individual attention and relevant instruction to each player.

Are there any parent coaches?

No, all of New York Empire Baseball’s coaches are independent of the parents. Our parents are encouraged to support their child’s efforts on and off the field, but not to provide instruction or coaching during the games.

How do I choose the right bat for my child?
We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked this question. What disappoints us, though, is the poor set of common answers that parents often receive in retail stores. The worst answer we’ve heard is “have your child hold a bat out horizontally away from their body – whichever bat they can hold for 5 seconds is the right bat.” We have no idea where this concept came from, but we prefer to defer to the laws of physics when selecting a bat. The right bat is the heaviest one that your child can swing the fastest. Sounds confusing, but think of it this way. Have your child swing bats from lightest to heaviest. When they reach one that they feel has slowed their swing down even slightly, they have now reached the bat that is too heavy. Choose the bat one size lighter and you’ve found the right one. Of course, children grow quickly, so keep in mind that what is too heavy today might not be too heavy 3 months from now – and certainly not 6 months from now! So, long story short, don’t sacrifice bat speed for weight – get the heaviest bat you can without sacrificing any bat speed. No one wants to have a bat that’s too heavy for them when that next fastball is on its way.

What size glove should I get my child?

A common misconception in glove selection is that bigger is better – when, in fact, smaller often provides a player with better glove control – at any age or skill level.

Additionally, not all gloves of the same size are truly the same size! That is, a youth 11” glove is not quite the same as an adult 11” glove, so pay close attention to the details!

Paying specific attention to the glove’s fit on a player’s hand and to their ability to control the glove’s movement is far more important than getting something too big and heavy. As a general rule, we look for 9”-9.5” youth gloves for ages under 6, 9.5” – 10.5” youth gloves for ages 6-9, and 10.5”-11.5” for ages 10-12. Older and larger ballplayers generally look for intermediate or adult gloves in sizes ranging from 10.75” and up.

Is my child ready for competitive/travel baseball?

Travel baseball is not for everyone. The level of commitment and competition is significantly greater than what you may have experienced previously, and should not be underestimated. If a player’s skill, desire and time availability are all high, then Travel Baseball may, indeed, be a great fit for your child. If not, your child may be better suited for a team where they can learn and develop successfully.

What position should my child play?

Every position that they want! The more a child learns – especially at a young age – the better prepared they will be for future challenges on and off the field. Understanding the game from every position is also a terrific asset to any ballplayer.