Families Say…

“Thank you for all you do to foster the right attitude among the players. It’s a great organization in so many ways, and we’re grateful to be a part of it.”


“You are the one we need to thank. These boys are like this because of the training they get through Empire. These boys do not just learn how to play baseball from you and your coaches, they learn so much more, so thank you and everyone involved in Empire Baseball.”


“I have been impressed not only with the baseball skills, but the discipline and sportmanship they teach – among other things, there is no yelling from the sidelines by either coaches or kids’ parents. The philosphy is a breath of fresh air…”


“I wanted to personally say thanks for a great season. The best compliment I can pay you is simply the fact that Jake now loves to play baseball- I do appreciate the influence you have had on him in the short time you’ve known him, and feel you strike a very good balance between discipline and having fun. Both Deb and I love how he cleans his cleats and takes responsibility for his equipment bag. Its a small thing, but it is a nice indicator of maturity. Jake has always been a pretty good athlete, but I think you have created an even greater sense of confidence in him with baseball.”


“As a former long-term headmaster of a private school, I have a high regard for the value of team sports and over the years have seen a good number of coaches at work. From my vantage point, you are one of the best.”


“I can’t overstate how impressed I was with your program.  It is exactly the right mix of discipline, coaching, competition and personal accountability.  As importantly, my son had a blast.”


“My wife and I think you are an amazing role model, coach (not just in baseball, but in life), and friend! Your knowledge and passion is above and beyond, I want to thank you for everything! We are so grateful to have found you and that you have become such an important individual to our children and to us.”


“Ben has had a great experience with you… Thank you for your involvement and encouragement. We have also been impressed with the professionalism of the coaches and overall Empire organization. Lastly, the other boys we have seen during Ben’s training are so committed and enthusiastic to be there…the energy and teamwork at the gym are infectious. Congratulations on building a top program.”


“I really like how the Empire program is run. The kids are learning the right way, they stay focused, you keep the parents away and most impressive is that you got a 6 inning game in under an hour.”


“Thank you so much for the party today. It was perfect.  I know Jacob and Mara had an absolute blast and the other kids were very happy too.  It was one of the best birthday parties we have ever had for our kids.  You and your team did a fantastic job.”